Monday, November 5, 2012

Especially in light of the dependency on FEMA and other government agencies during the Sandy debacle (remind anyone of Katrina?), here's a link to free downloadable books on "prepping" or, as my scouting troop leader might have called it, "Being Prepared".

If you have a smartphone you can even download the articles to it, and charge it with a hand crank charger.

Here's a link to one at Amazon (I don't make any money on the links, just trying to save you, the reader some time)

And you can even check out Ebay.

If anyone has a handcrank charger they recommend, or one they hate, please let us know.

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  1. Here are my two versions of micro solar (one for under $50.00.)
    These have been thoroughly tested /used for over 2 years.
    Here is my 65 hour $5.00 flashlight hack. Now it is a 300 hour plus flashlight:


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