Monday, November 5, 2012

This is another excuse post for not writing.

Where have I been?

Here's the story.

In mid-April, I entered escrow to sell my 4 bedroom mobile home and be out in Mid-June.
I got things moved into two storage units, in anticipation of taking a 2 week trip to see a close relative who was not expected to make it through the year. We spent a great fourth of July together, and I enjoyed my time with a lot of my family for the annual gathering.
One month later, she died.
After I came back in mid-July, I reached an agreement for deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure on my commercial property, and my time gone and my property tax payment on the 4 bedroom house had basically depleted all my savings. So I started selling off a lot of my heavy possessions and projects to finance a move to a nearby rental property.
All I can say is that God was gracious and things worked out pretty well, though there were some minor hiccups. I got the rental paid for in September, and spent a month paying rent on two places for October.
I'm paying the bills by God's grace, even after hurting my back and getting sick.

I have to start the gardening over again, as I left my mulch, manure, and compost behind. The new house is in a tract, is fairly new, and the soil has been subexcavated 3' per building code, and the soil is just plain dirt.

Things are a juggle of posting on Ebay and Craigslist--selling more of my stuff. I find the sales are about equal to a $10/hour job as I don't spend any money on gas.

Wish you all liberty and grace.

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