Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ok, I'm a little late for tax day

This year, I actually got my taxes done early.
I'm in the process of taking myself out of the ownership cycle in the American economy.
For those who don't know, if you get foreclosed on, the bank can issue you a 1099 for their loss, which the IRS views as income. I may end up with a very large tax bill and no real way to pay it, and what property I do own isn't worth seeing sold off. So I'm liquidating.
I spent way too much time and money on rentals, to the point it's all but bankrupted me. I am selling leftover materials, tools, car parts, and things I've collected over the years to help pay the bills. As a bonus, my place is really getting cleaned up, and I'm meeting some nice people. I'm also meeting a bunch of bargain hunters who are rude and a waste of time, but with the economy down, I know to expect it.
I was up last night considering how it's actually impossible to own any property. With property taxes due every year, Americans are little more than share croppers for the Federal Reserve. If you didn't know, all real estate is pledged as collateral to the Federal Reserve in exchange for the printing of the debt notes known as dollars.
Now your travel may be curtailed if you don't pay the IRS what they claim you owe them. So, not only can you not truly own any property, but you are chattel on it, for the federal government.
 With all the recent scandals, it should be apparent to anyone how corrupt and unconcerned many government employees are. I experienced this while working in a couple government positions. Employees were unconcerned with how they treated government property. They also knew how hard it would to be fired once they passed probation. So, the GSA, SS, and other scandals don't even phase me anymore. Hopefully they will shake some people out of their stupor.
I'm going to post this for now and provide links later.

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