Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Assault on Small Farmers

This is a link to my FB conversation with a bunch of links to assaults on small farming operations.

For those not aware, there have been  a number of assaults on farming freedom this year. The government has decided what you can eat and drink, or at least what you CAN'T eat and drink. The USDA and FDA have been doing a good job of protecting large agricultural businesses.

There's been a big push to have farm workers get commercial licenses and prevent minors from working on farms.

The government will confiscate your money without trial if you don't make your deposits the way they want.

This is just a link to a short piece of history in Romania regarding the centralization of farms under the communists.

A link to Lew Rockwell and Polyface Farms. Basic lessons in organic farming.

And in addition to the raw milk bans, Michigan's Department of Natural Resources has banned certain types of pigs--the ones that BigAg don't use--and using armed SWAT-type raids to force farmers to kill all their pigs. Really?

Sorry this post is so disjointed. I'm so mad. If you don't have the freedom to grow and eat what you choose, you don't have the most basic freedom to live. The assaults on micro-agriculture in the last year has been insane, if not downright evil.

Other cities have banned gardens, often using code enforcement to get rid of composting bins.

So it seems the government is intent on making us dependent on large farms and food processors. Will there be a day when we get nothing but the FDA-approved equivalent of pink slime?

I've heard the arguments of "It's just farmers who sell their stuff" and "It won't be used against individuals" but who could really believe that when government agencies have such a huge and documented history of overreach?

Maybe we can all eat the FDA-approved gruel-like-substance that looks like that stuff from "The Matrix".


  1. Like Stalin's Soviet Union, the farms are being progressively collectivised. Food is used as a weapon. I guess they really do want a Revolution...

  2. Soylent Green is people! It's people!

  3. Sorry, folks, I've been busy moving since May 2012. I've moved 4 bedrooms and 2.5 acres of "stuff" in addition to selling a lot of it.

    So, I'm trying to get back in the swing of things.

    On the bright side--or maybe not if I'm looking for readership and sharing ideas--I've missed the election garbage.

    I think the election will not be decided tomorrow.

    And more and more, my opinion is that getting involved in elections is a surrender of your freedoms, in any case.


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