Friday, March 23, 2012

Intellectual Pride, Dishonesty, and Desire to Run Our Lives

I have a pretty smart family. We have many people with degrees, many who teach, including a professor. I was engaged in a conversation online with one, who mocked "conspiracy theories". This was my reply to him:
Are conspiracy theories necessarily "crazy". The theory that Alger Hiss was a communist plant was roundly mocked, though later found to be true.
There seems to be a bias amongst the intellectuals for centralized planning and an admiration of a feudal order headed by technocrats--a technocracy of "certified" and degreed individuals--that appeals to the pride of the "educated". Many in university setting hold in high regard the ability of the government to "run things", contrary to the evidence of its efficacy.
I find it strange just how unscientific a viewpoint that is coming from many who regard themselves as scientists is.

As someone who's worked for government, I couldn't help notice that our society is more geared for those with "certifications" and degrees. In many cases, you have to jump through several hoops that either put you under more government control, or force you to undergo education where a highly "pro-government" viewpoint is taught.
Seldom is the role of government questioned. In fact, I don't think I can remember a time when it was.

We are always being groomed for obedience by the government. Sometimes it's the signs we obey. Sometimes it's just the labels on our food, which remind us that we're safer because a government worker told us we are.

Most of the population just goes along with all this, claiming that anything other than blind obedience will lead to anarchy.

Just my thoughts for the day.


  1. Agree. C.A.R.B. employs a "scientist" whose degree was purchased for $1000.00 from an online source based in the middle east. Meanwhile a bonifde scientist working in research at UCLA for decades debunks the theory that particulate matter (diesel emission) causes premature death. He has been fired for being outspoken against C.A.R.B.'s new regulations leading to a Cap & Trade system.

    1. Yes, I've seen many degreed people talk about climate science and talk about "consensus" as if that had anything to do with science.

      They talk about corporate greed, when the government wants to take 1% of every transaction.


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