Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Repurposing a Broiler Pan for Shell Sorting

This is the 4 step progression I used today to separate some mixed brass I had in the tumbler.
Some personal info--I'm allergic to walnuts and the walnut shell abrasive makes my hands itch. I've been messing around with this for a while and been pretty clueless, honestly.
I was cleaning my work space and found the broiler pan (for those who don't know, I've been an landlord/ real estate investor since the 90's). I thought that it might be re-purposed as a way to separate the brass from the abrasive. As you can see, it worked like a charm, with just a little shaking. The abrasive fell through the slats and I used a card board funnel to put it back in the tumbler.
As a bonus, the shells stood up in the grooves.

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  1. Those pictures were taken within 3 minutes including picture taking time with my phone.
    2:12-2:14, not sure on the seconds.


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