Monday, December 14, 2009

Radical for Freedom--A primer

I am as committed to freedom as anyone is to any cause the world over.

I have a BA in Psychology from CSU, Long Beach and  was once an authoritarian figure who believed that the government could save society from a host of ills, from drug use, prostitution, and any type of crime. The current and continued thinking of most of the social sciences is that disparities in SES (socio-economic status) is the the root cause behind societies ills and that government programs that erase the disparities can cure these ills.

Upon further study, you will generally find that single parent households account for 98% of the prison population. That is a higher correlation than anything else, yet, it is not looked at in most government schools as it would indicate that government would need to stop spending money on the social programs that allow and foster the disolution of families.

I do not expect a lot of people to believe me right away. I expect this blog to be like the talks a man gives to his sons or other young men that are waved away and dismissed until ten years down the road, you facepalm yourself and say, "God, if I'd only listened to my dad, I would have saved myself a ton of trouble"

I'm trying to stop cursing.

Technology changes, but human nature doesn't. Every teenager that I've met or was, doesn't believe this.

Wealth is created by work. Work can be labor, investment, capitalization, trade barter etc.
Correlary: All wealth is agricultural, ie, it goes to feed and clothe you and your family, and possibly generations to come. Any attack on your wealth is an attempt to keep you from feeding yourself and family.
Any wealth you produce is primarily yours to keep.

Government is a consumer of wealth, not a producer. It is sustained by the efforts of the productive. Consider government unable to exist if there is no excess production. Government is people husbandry. We are the cattle,  but as with any farm, if we can keep the number of ranch hands low, we can stampede and trample them if they start eating too many of us.

As long as government wishes to constrain the use of a good or service, that good or service will be available on the black market at a marked up cost. There will be quasi-governmental gangs and independent criminals who will supply said good or service.

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