Monday, December 14, 2009

A link to some pretty good advice in case of social breakdown.

Strangely enough, having rentals, I've noticed that quite a few tenants are having problems getting paid by the various social service agencies.

I've had 2 tenants with late unemployment payments. I had problems with mine recently. Another tenant is having to jump through hoops to renew his family's payments. A third is having problems with the IRS..maybe this is not related, but it seems to be a culmination of a lot of problems when our government is debt spending.

I have asserted on several occasions that having a house with enough land to grow food is important. The article I'm linking agrees.

I was talking with a commercial sales rep at a national DIY store. He said he had a house paid off, but  it was worth $30K less than he paid for it. I asked him where, and found out it was in a neighborhood that has gone downhill over the years and was now mostly renters and many of them are on welfare or section 8. I told him to sell and transfer to a store in a state that isn't going broke (we're in CA) and get his family out of that house as the family was more important than the $30K and he'd have enough to buy a nice (or at least decent)  home in TX, TN, or CO. He can't get past the $30K loss on the house. I hope it works out for him. And for the cynical, No I wasn't trying to get a listing.

Here's a link to Pastor Chuck Baldwin's advice. For the irreligious, it has apocalyptic overtones, but the advice is solid, for the religious, the tone is probably not surprising.

Despite President Obama giving himself a B+, our country has as much debt as our GDP once you account for the fudging of the numbers by the GAO. You can also go to the US debt clock.

Whether we get inflation that makes it hard to buy food with the government bread (anyone else remember the cheese of the 80s?) or food becomes scarce or some combination, knowing how to grow your own food and can would be good skills to teach yourself for Christmas--or books to get for friends and relatives. Stocking up a couple of weeks of food, toilet paper, and water makes sense too.

Any way, read the link, so I'm not wasting your time making you read info twice.

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