Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Patriot Act, Obamacare, and Loss of Liberty

About 10 years ago, when the Patriot Act first came out, I was naively, in favor of it. I started having misgivings about it in W's second term, as I watched the Republican party continue to expand government. But watching this sham "War on Terror" continue without bothering to secure the borders or even make a meaningful attempt to do so, leaves all of us with the simple truth it was about laying the groundwork for controlling more Americans.
When you combine the Patriot Act and it's expansion with Obamacare you have a framework for further controlling the American people. You'll have wiretapping with the government regulation of YOUR body. Have you seen or read about the control of salt in food in NYC? When the government says it's going to protect you from harming yourself for the public good (whichever reasons you wish to cite) then it is effectively giving you notice that the government owns you. You are no longer your own property.

That being said, I just wanted to post a link to research on the Patriot Acts, I and II. There are links by CATO, ACLU and others.

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