Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taking the Red Pill, the Misesian Vision and what it means for people everywhere.

I was reading this article online at It gave me pause, to think about, how even in my own life, I fear things spinning out of control. I am a fairly confident and competent person and I am empathizing with those that live there lives in fear, a kind of quiet desparation, where they need the government to tell them everything is going to be OK.
So much of governance is, to paraphrase Mencken, the creating of bogeymen to scare the populace. The fear of the unknown and unknowable leads the populace down a road of dependency. I visualize a multitude of Americans crying like kids at a grocery store for a toy or candy, "I want my certainty" as if the government has the power to give them that.

To quote the article:
The goal of both the left and right is that we make our political choices based on these fears. It doesn't matter so much which package of fear you choose; what matters is that you support a state that purports to keep your nightmare from becoming a reality.

I've had friends claim that our lives our better due to the FDA. The government "seal of approval" makes it easy for us to put aside our own powers of observation and trust that things are OK. Then we get truck loads of spinach, or tainted meat, etc., etc., and we get massive numbers of people sick. We trust the government more than ourselves to determine what is safe to eat, and everything that is specialized beyond our knowledge.
While specialization improves our efficiency as a society, it reduces our self-reliance. Governments benefit the most from specialization. Increased efficiency produces a larger surplus. Government lives off of society's surplus. So, a society that is less capable of taking care of itself is both more productive for and more dependent on the government.
We become expendable drones while government officials dictate (ever increasingly) the details of our lives.

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